2017-2021 Web Applications Developer
Richmond, Virginia
Working as a freelance mobile app developer I enjoy the freedom to take on projects in the challenging and innovative frontier of Progressive Web Apps while continuing to use Drupal at the core of projects. In addition to Drupal as a backend source I’ve expanded my PHP experience to include Magento and its powerful ecommerce engine as a decoupled solution.


  • Native Mobile App Development (Cordova, Swift)
  • Stripe Chipper Hardware Integration
  • Gatsby.js Progressive Web App Development (React)
  • Drupal 8 Module Programming (PHP, JS)
  • Cloud Hosting in AWS and Cloudflare


  • Architected and developed Cordova ios Point of Sale (POS) application
  • Built hybrid Drupal 8 Commerce/Vue application for managing B2B retail resources and digital asset management
  • Developed Angular e-commerce applications for subscription order management
  • Created A Decoupled Shopify App powered by Gatsby.js
2012-2018 Senior Frontend Developer | GSATi
Dallas, Texas
As a member of the open source development team at GSATi I developed frontend solutions for Drupal CMS applications. In addition, I developed highly customized Drupal Commerce integrations to power online stores in the direct sales and wine industries. My portfolio of responsibilities ranged from building customer facing catalog experiences to specialized back office reporting interfaces for the direct selling industry.


  • Drupal Theme & Module Development (PHP, JS)
  • Decoupled Javascript Application Development (Angular & React)
  • E-commerce Solutions In Drupal Commerce
  • Drupal Performance Optimization (New Relic)
  • Magento Store Development (Magento Cloud)


  • Developed frontend themes and integrated with Drupal Commerce for several large enterprises.
  • Built a suite of reporting and visualization tools for direct sales members.
  • Led the development of decoupled Drupal applications using RESTful and GraphQL implementations.
2013-2017 Senior Commerce Engineer | Kanopi Studios
Richmond, Virginia
As a contract developer at Kanopi I helped organizations integrate open source solutions into their business operations. Using Drupal Commerce as a foundation I constructed rich catalog experiences with customized commerce tools for transaction & order fulfilments.


  • Drupal Theme & Module Development (PHP, JS)
  • Advanced Drupal Commerce & Catalog Development
  • Search & Apache Solr Optmizations
  • Client Support & Drupal Assistance


  • Received creative materials and converted to Drupal themes and landing pages.
  • Developed marketing/email automation solutions to integrate with client stores.
  • Optimized performance & hardened security for clients powered by Drupal.
2005-2012 Online Campaigns Manager | NGPVAN
Washington, DC
At NGPVAN I helped our team embrace the emerging open source Drupal CMS and leverage its power for political and advocacy campaigns. In my role I interfaced with campaigns and developed visual and web strategy which I would implement into themes for Drupal and related social media.


  • Drupal Module & Theme Development (PHP, HTML, CSS)
  • Web & Advertisement Design (Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Geospatial App Development (MapBox, Google Maps API, OpenLayers)
  • Server Administration (LAMP - Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP


  • Developed PHP modules and themes for early versions of Drupal (4.x, 5.x, 6.x and 7.x) which powered the websites of political campaigns across the country.
  • Built a successful and award winning geospatial application merging data and legislative district information with mapping tools.
  • Launched a Drupal based SaaS platform that empowered our firm to quadruple the number of small clients served and compete with emerging turnkey web building tools.
  • Developed documentation and support procedures for our digital products.



  • PHP - Drupal Content Management System, Magento
  • Javascript - Angular, React, Vue, Typescript, Gulp, Gatsby
  • Frontend - HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Material
  • Databases - MySQL, Redis, Solr, Elasticsearch
  • Server - LAMP/LEMP, AWS, Acquia, Docker, Lando, DDEV


  • Visual Studio Code
  • PhpStorm
  • Git
  • Xcode
  • Jira/Confluence
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Creative Suite Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudfront, Pantheon

Soft Skills

  • Agile/Scrum
  • Client Relations
  • Documentation/Writing
  • Public Speaking, Presentation & Training
  • Mentorship
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity


  • Virginia Commonwealth University | Richmond, Virginia
    2001-2005 | Information Systems Concentrated in Information Engineering